Are you currently looking into implementing an identity and access management platform?

Selecting the wrong identity and access management (IAM) platform can be a costly mistake. That's why picking the right one is a decision that deserves careful consideration and targeted research.

To pick the right solution for your organization’s unique needs, you must have a comprehensive requirements checklist and structured vendor selection process in place. This webinar is designed to put you in the driver’s seat throughout the selection process and help you critically evaluate and choose the optimal IAM solution.

In this webinar, Archit Lohokare (Idaptive Chief Product Officer), and Stas Neyman (Idaptive Product Marketing) will cover key capabilities you should consider and important questions to ask your IT partner or vendor to determine if their offering will meet your needs. The webinar will include expert tips, vendor agnostic evaluation tools, and a time-saving chart to help you create a shortlist of suitable vendors.

After attending the webinar, you will be able to:

    • Create a structured approach for evaluation of IAM solution capabilities
    • Ask the right questions to ensure the solution suits your unique needs
    • Understand the pricing implications of different IAM delivery methods
    • Develop a list of IAM solution must-haves
    • Feel confident that you have made the right decision


Archit Lohokare
Archit Lohokare

Chief Product Officer, Idaptive

Stas Neyman
Stas Neyman

Product Marketing, Idaptive



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